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form_basic_validate includes/ This is a very basic validator for form API submission. All I really care about is making sure required fields have a value in them. If they do not, we will file a form_error.
form_error includes/ Register a form_error in the SESSION.
form_has_errors includes/ Returns TRUE or FALSE if there have been errors for this form submission (We will just look in the SESSION to find out).
fp_render_element includes/ Returns the HTML to render this form (or content) element to the screen. $name is the HTML machine name. $element is an array containing all we need to render it. If you want default values to be taken from the SESSION (because we had form_errors,…
_password_itoa64 includes/ Returns a string for mapping an int to the corresponding base 64 character.
_password_base64_encode includes/ Encodes bytes into printable base 64 using the *nix standard from crypt().
_password_generate_salt includes/ Generates a random base 64-encoded salt prefixed with settings for the hash.
fp_random_bytes includes/
_password_enforce_log2_boundaries includes/ Ensures that $count_log2 is within set bounds.
_password_crypt includes/ Hash a password using a secure stretched hash.
_password_get_count_log2 includes/ Parse the log2 iteration count from a stored hash or setting string.
user_hash_password includes/ Hash a password using a secure hash.
user_check_password includes/ Check whether a plain text password matches a stored hashed password.
user_needs_new_hash includes/
friendly_timezone includes/ Returns back the "friendly" timezone string if we have one.
fp_translate_numeric_grade includes/ This function will use the "Numeric to Letter Grade" setting in the School settings to translate the given grade (if it is numeric) to a letter grade. Otherwise, it will return the grade as-is.
fp_re_array_files includes/ Re-order the _FILES array for multiple files, to make it easier to work with. From:
get_timezone_offset includes/ Returns the offset from the origin timezone to the remote timezone, in seconds.
is_serialized_string includes/ From:
convert_time includes/ The point of this function is to convert between UTC (what we expect all times to start with.). If we're coming from the the database or a time() function, it's UTC. The "end_timezone_string" should be the user's preferred…
get_timezones includes/ Returns an array of all timezones PHP recognizes. Inspired by code from:
_fp_error_handler includes/ This is our custom error handler, which will intercept PHP warnings, notices, etc, and let us display them, log them, etc.
_fp_map_php_error_code includes/ Map an error code into an Error word *
fp_mail includes/ Send an email. Drop-in replacement for PHP's mail() command, but can use SMTP protocol if enabled.
arg includes/ Returns the component of the page's path.
fp_url_get_contents includes/ This function uses CURL to get the simple contents of a URL, whether http or https.
fp_http_request includes/ Send a request through the Internet and return the result as an object.
timer_start includes/ Begin a microtime timer for later use.
timer_read includes/ Works with the timer_start() function to return how long it has been since the start.
fp_get_random_string includes/ Returns a random string of length len.
fp_clear_cache includes/ Call all modules which implement hook_clear_cache
fp_no_html_xss includes/ Remove any possiblilty of a malicious attacker trying to inject nonsense. From:
filter_markup includes/ Filter string with possible HTML, allowing only certain tags, and removing dangerous attributes.
filter_xss includes/ This function is taken almost directly from Drupal 7's core code. It is used to help us filter out dangerous HTML which the user might type. From the D7 documentation:
filter_xss_split includes/ Like the filter_xss function, this is taken from D7's _filter_xss_split function
filter_xss_attributes includes/
filter_xss_bad_protocol includes/
fp_strip_dangerous_protocols includes/
fp_validate_utf8 includes/
fp_get_machine_readable includes/ Simple function to convert a string into a machine-readable string.
fp_get_degree_classifications includes/ Return back an assoc array of our set degree classifications, separated by "level"
fp_get_degree_classification_details includes/ Returns back an assoc array for the supplied code. Looks like: $arr["level_num"] = number $arr["title"] = the title
get_term_structures includes/ Return an array version of the term_id_structure field from the admin settings
fp_get_requirement_types includes/ Returns back an array of all the available requirement types (by code) that have been defined.
fp_load_degree includes/ This function provides a pass-thru to $d = new DegreePlan(args). However, it allows for quick caching look-up, so it should be used when possible instead of $x = new DegreePlan.
fp_set_page_tabs includes/ If this function is called, it will override any other page tabs which might be getting constructed. This lets the programmer, at run-time, completely control what tabs are at the top of the page.
fp_set_page_sub_tabs includes/ Allows the programmer to define subtabs at the top of the page.
fp_set_breadcrumbs includes/ Set our breadcrumbs array.
fp_set_title includes/ Allows the programmer to set the title of the page, overwriting any default title.
fp_add_body_class includes/ Add a CSS class to the body tag of the page. Useful for themeing later on.