function fp_set_title

7.x fp_set_title($title)
6.x fp_set_title($title)
4.x fp_set_title($title)
5.x fp_set_title($title)

Allows the programmer to set the title of the page, overwriting any default title.


unknown_type $title:

58 calls to fp_set_title()
admin_add_degree_form in modules/admin/
This form lets the user add a degree to the database.
admin_advising_settings_form in modules/admin/admin.module
This is a systems settings form, which lets the user edit advising variabled for FlightPath.
admin_copy_degree_form in modules/admin/
This form lets the user copy a degree and all of it's tracks & concentrations.
admin_display_courses in modules/admin/
This function displays all of our courses for us to edit.
admin_display_degrees in modules/admin/

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includes/, line 1597
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function fp_set_title($title) {
  $GLOBALS ["fp_set_title"] = $title;
  if ($title == "") {
    fp_show_title(FALSE); // No title to show!
  else {
    fp_show_title(TRUE); // If we are calling this function, we clearly want to display the title.