function fp_get_requirement_types

6.x fp_get_requirement_types($school_id)
7.x fp_get_requirement_types($school_id)
5.x fp_get_requirement_types()

Returns back an array of all the available requirement types (by code) that have been defined.

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includes/, line 1473
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function fp_get_requirement_types($school_id) {
  $rtn = array();

  if (isset($GLOBALS ['fp_temp_cache']['fp_get_requirement_types'][$school_id])) {
    return $GLOBALS ['fp_temp_cache']['fp_get_requirement_types'][$school_id];

  $temp = explode("\n", variable_get_for_school("requirement_types", "g ~ General Requirements\nc ~ Core Requirements\ne ~ Electives\nm ~ Major Requirements\ns ~ Supporting Requirements\nx ~ Additional Requirements", $school_id));
  foreach ($temp as $line) {
    $line = trim($line);
    if ($line == "") {

    $temp = explode("~", $line);
    $code = trim(strtolower($temp [0]));
    $desc = trim($temp [1]);

    $rtn [$code] = $desc;


  // Make sure that code 'x' is set.
  if (!isset($rtn ["x"])) {
    $rtn ["x"] = t("Additional Requirements");

  // Make sure code 'e' for Electives is set.
  if (!isset($rtn ["e"])) {
    $rtn ["e"] = t("Electives");

  // Make sure code 'm' is set, for Major Requirements, our default type.
  if (!isset($rtn ["m"])) {
    $rtn ["m"] = t("Major Requirements");

  $GLOBALS ['fp_temp_cache']['fp_get_requirement_types'][$school_id] = $rtn;

  return $rtn;