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admin_add_degree_form modules/admin/ This form lets the user add a degree to the database.
admin_add_degree_form_submit modules/admin/ Submit handler for the add_degree_form.
admin_add_degree_form_validate modules/admin/ Validate handler for add_degree_form
admin_advising_settings_form modules/admin/admin.module This is a systems settings form, which lets the user edit advising variabled for FlightPath.
admin_apply_draft_changes_form modules/admin/admin.module This form lets the user apply draft changes (if they can supply the passcode)
admin_apply_draft_changes_form_submit modules/admin/admin.module Handles the actual moving of draft courses into production.
admin_array_diff modules/admin/ I had to create my own version of array_diff, because the built-in PHP version has a nasty bug where it doesn't work after a certain number of elements.
admin_copy_degree_form modules/admin/ This form lets the user copy a degree and all of it's tracks & concentrations.
admin_copy_degree_form_submit modules/admin/
admin_copy_degree_form_validate modules/admin/ Validate handler. Make sure our allow_overwrite setting is working. Check for existing major code.
admin_display_courses modules/admin/ This function displays all of our courses for us to edit.
admin_display_degrees modules/admin/
admin_display_degrees_popup_add_group modules/admin/
admin_display_degrees_popup_add_group2 modules/admin/
admin_display_edit_degree modules/admin/ This screen displays the form which allows the user to actually edit a degree.
admin_display_groups modules/admin/ This function will display a list of all our groups.
admin_display_groups_popup_edit_definition modules/admin/
admin_display_groups_popup_select_icon modules/admin/ This popup is called from the edit group page. It lets the user select an icon to assign to a group.
admin_display_groups_popup_show_group_use modules/admin/ Displays a popup showing where a particular group is being used in FlightPath.
admin_display_main modules/admin/admin.module This is the "main" page for the admin module. It's what the user first sees when the click to go to the Admin page.
admin_display_watchdog modules/admin/admin.module Displays recent watchdog entries, from the watchdog table
admin_display_watchdog_entry modules/admin/admin.module Display the details of a particular watchdog entry, specified by its table id.
admin_duplicate_year_form modules/admin/admin.module This form will allow the user to duplicate an entire year's worth of data to a new catalog year.
admin_duplicate_year_form_submit modules/admin/admin.module This function should perform the actual copy of data!
admin_edit_course_form modules/admin/ This form lets the user edit details about a course.
admin_edit_course_form_submit modules/admin/
admin_edit_degree_form modules/admin/ Meant to replace the old-fashioned display_edit_degree function...
admin_edit_degree_form_submit modules/admin/
admin_edit_group_form modules/admin/ This function lets the user edit a group.
admin_edit_group_form_submit modules/admin/
admin_edit_group_form_validate modules/admin/ Validate handler for edit group form.
admin_get_courses_from_definition modules/admin/
admin_get_course_array_from_course_id_array modules/admin/
admin_get_course_array_from_definition_data modules/admin/
admin_get_course_id_array_from_course_array modules/admin/
admin_get_de_catalog_year modules/admin/admin.module Get the "de_catalog_year" from the REQUEST. If it's not there or invalid, pull it from our system settings.
admin_get_group_courses modules/admin/ Return back the courses in a group, suitable for the edit-group form.
admin_get_semester_name modules/admin/admin.module Convienence function to get semester's default regular name.
admin_menu modules/admin/admin.module Implementation of hook_menu
admin_menu_handle_replacement_pattern modules/admin/admin.module This is an implementation of hook_menu_handle_replacement_pattern. It will search for and replace replacement patterns which we are aware of it in $str.
admin_perm modules/admin/admin.module
admin_process_all_definitions_form modules/admin/
admin_process_all_definitions_form_submit modules/admin/ Actually perform the refreshing of definitions.
admin_process_all_definitions_perform_batch_operation modules/admin/ This actually is the batch operation for processing all of our group definitions.
admin_process_catalog_repeats_for_group_courses_text modules/admin/ This function will accept the $courses text (textarea) from a group, which spells out all of the courses, and then assign specified repeats based on what is set for that course in the course catalog.
admin_urgent_message_form modules/admin/admin.module Meant to be fed into "fp_system_settings_form()", this function returns an array which will automatically save values to our "variables" table.
advise_can_access_view modules/advise/advise.module Used by the menu to determine if the user can see the View tab for the current student.
advise_clear_cache modules/advise/advise.module Implementation of hook_clear_cache Called by other modules, this function will take care of clearing anything this module has cached.
advise_display_history modules/advise/ Displays the history tab on screen.
advise_display_popup_change_term modules/advise/advise.module This popup allows the advisor to change the advising term.