function fp_add_body_class

6.x fp_add_body_class($class)
7.x fp_add_body_class($class)
4.x fp_add_body_class($class)
5.x fp_add_body_class($class)

Add a CSS class to the body tag of the page. Useful for themeing later on.


String $class:

5 calls to fp_add_body_class()
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includes/, line 1612
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function fp_add_body_class($class) {

  // Let's sanitize the "class" to make sure it doesn't contain any trouble characters.
  $class = str_replace("'", '', $class);
  $class = str_replace('"', '', $class);
  $class = str_replace('(', '', $class);
  $class = str_replace(')', '', $class);
  $class = str_replace(';', '', $class);
  $class = str_replace('.', '', $class);
  $class = str_replace('<', '', $class);
  $class = str_replace('>', '', $class);
  $class = str_replace('/', '', $class);
  $class = str_replace('\\', '', $class);
  $class = str_replace('#', '', $class);
  $class = str_replace('&', '', $class);

  @$GLOBALS ["fp_add_body_classes"] .= " " . $class;