function fp_set_breadcrumbs

6.x fp_set_breadcrumbs($arr = array())
7.x fp_set_breadcrumbs($arr = array())

Set our breadcrumbs array.

We expect the array to look like this: [0]['text'] = "Alerts"; [0]['path'] = "my/alerts"; [0]['query'] (optional) [0]['attributes'] (optional. Used exactly as in the l() function. [1] .... etc.

Here is a practical example of how to call this function:

$crumbs = array(); $crumbs[] = array( 'text' => 'Alerts', 'path' => 'alerts', );


See also

l() )


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includes/, line 1588
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function fp_set_breadcrumbs($arr = array()) {
  $GLOBALS ['fp_breadcrumbs'] = $arr;