function friendly_timezone

6.x friendly_timezone($str)
7.x friendly_timezone($str)

Returns back the "friendly" timezone string if we have one.

5 calls to friendly_timezone()
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includes/, line 12
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function friendly_timezone($str) {

  $arr = array(
    'America/Chicago' => 'Central Time - US & Canada',
    'America/Los_Angeles' => 'Pacific Time - US & Canada',
    'America/New_York' => 'Eastern Time - US & Canada',
    'America/Denver' => 'Mountain Time - US & Canada',
    'America/Phoenix' => 'Arizona Time',
    'America/Anchorage' => 'Alaska Time',
    'America/Adak' => 'Hawaii Time',
    'Pacific/Honolulu' => 'Hawaii Time no DST',

  if (isset($arr [$str])) {
    return $arr [$str];

  return $str;