Extend FlightPath's functionality with custom modules. These modules are installed in your /custom/modules directory, and enabled through the admin/config/modules page.
For more help, see: How to Install a Module.


This module allows for basic auditing of student data, allows auditors to leave comments for each other, and provides a mechanism to create "checklists" which auditors can check off as a student completes those requirements.

Banner Integration

This module attempts to bring together several functions and techniques for working with the Banner system, by Ellucian. This module is neither provided nor maintained by Ellucian.

The module includes several functions, routines, etc, which are used to pull Banner data into FlightPath's local MySQL database.

Conditional Requirements

This module allows Degree and Group editors to change requirements based on criteria. For example, a group may require ART 101 in the Fall, but ART 201 in the Spring. The Conditional Requirements module allows the editor to enter simple code to facilitate this logic.

The module is meant for advanced users.

For information on available syntax, see:


The encryption module is meant to facilitate simple AES encryption of values or files, which can this be stored on the server or database.

This module may be used by developers to encrypt values before saving to the database, and is used by the Student Files module to make sure files are stored in an encrypted state on the webserver.


The Lassie module is used by developers to see if a long-running job or routine finishes, and then alert a designated user if there's trouble. This module is especially useful for nightly routines or other tasks which are otherwise left unattended.

Requirements: Your site's cron needs be configured to run at least once per hour.

Use: For complete instructions on use, view the README.txt file included with the module.


This module allows FlightPath to connect to an LDAP server (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). This allows users to reuse their campus usernames and passwords with FlightPath.


This module allows you to translate FlightPath (and modules) into other languages than English. FlightPath version 4.3.2 or above is required.

Be sure to read the included README.txt file for help getting started.

From the programmer's side, it will evaluate any string which passes through the t() function, checking the database for a match (excess whitespace is stripped out, including line breaks).


This module allows you to become another user in FlightPath, to see and experience FlightPath exactly as that user would. It is excellent for offering technical support to users who are confused by what they see on screen, or simply as a way to make sure that the permissions you granted a user have the intended effect.

Oracle API

This module is meant to be a helper module for other developers. It provides basic functions for interacting with Oracle, which I feel like makes it easier to work with than the standard "oci" functions.

Please Note: This module is not provided or supported by the Oracle company. Direct all issues to this site or to for paid support.


This module allows for the concept of prerequisite requirements in FlightPath. If a student has not met a prereq (or co-req) requirement, then a "lock" icon will appear on the course instead of a checkbox. The course may still be advised, but a warning message will appear when the lock is clicked.

At the moment, the prereq module will allow for "locking" based on course availability (is it being taught in the selected advising term), and on other courses which the student has completed.

Sample Data

This module will install sample data into your FlightPath database. It is meant for first-time users, who would like some data to experiment with.

WARNING: This module will erase and overwrite data you may already have in place. You should always backup your database before using this module, unless you do not care if your current data gets erased.


Allows a single FlightPath instance to support multiple "schools", where degrees, permissions, settings, etc, are separated out.

This allows for more than one university to use a single instance of FlightPath, or, for one university to have multiple "schools" within it (for example, Grad school vs. Undergrad).

Student Files

This module allows for files to be associated with students. It places a "Files" section on the student's History tab, as well as allows admins to upload files to multiple students at a time.

It is recommended that this module work together with the Encryption module, to make sure student records are stored securely.

Transfer Search

This module will allow students and faculty to see available "global" transfer equivalencies between outside universities and your university.

As a bonus feature, users may select which transfer courses they might have taken at another school, and see how they will fit in to degrees at your school. This advanced feature requires the Blank Degrees module be enabled (which ships with FlightPath, but may need to be enabled).