5.x admin.module admin_get_de_catalog_year($bool_set_earliest_if_blank = TRUE)
4.x admin.module admin_get_de_catalog_year($bool_set_earliest_if_blank = TRUE)

Get the "de_catalog_year" from the REQUEST. If it's not there or invalid, pull it from our system settings.

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modules/admin/admin.module, line 1107
The administrative configurations for FlightPath.


function admin_get_de_catalog_year($bool_set_earliest_if_blank = TRUE) {

  $settings = fp_get_system_settings();
  $de_catalog_year = @$_REQUEST["de_catalog_year"];

  if ($bool_set_earliest_if_blank) {
    if (!$de_catalog_year || $de_catalog_year < $settings["earliest_catalog_year"]) {
      $de_catalog_year = $settings["earliest_catalog_year"];

  return $de_catalog_year;