function advise_clear_cache

6.x advise.module advise_clear_cache()
4.x advise.module advise_clear_cache()
5.x advise.module advise_clear_cache()

Implementation of hook_clear_cache Called by other modules, this function will take care of clearing anything this module has cached.

1 call to advise_clear_cache()
advise_perform_clear_advising_cache in modules/advise/advise.module
From menu hook. Clear just the advising cache.


modules/advise/advise.module, line 2425


function advise_clear_cache() {
  foreach ($_SESSION as $key => $value) {
    if (strstr($key, "cache_")) {
      $_SESSION [$key] = FALSE;
      unset($_SESSION [$key]); // do this just to make sure our server-side session file gets overwritten

    if (strstr($key, "advising_") || strstr($key, "what_if_")) {
      $_SESSION [$key] = FALSE;
      unset($_SESSION [$key]);


  fp_add_message(t("Advising cache has been cleared."));