function admin_get_semester_name

6.x admin.module admin_get_semester_name($semester_num)
4.x admin.module admin_get_semester_name($semester_num)
5.x admin.module admin_get_semester_name($semester_num)

Convienence function to get semester's default regular name.

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modules/admin/admin.module, line 951
The administrative configurations for FlightPath.


function admin_get_semester_name($semester_num) {

  $semester = new Semester($semester_num);
  $title = $semester->title;

  $ar = array(t("Freshman Year"), t("Sophomore Year"), t("Junior Year"), t("Senior Year"));
  $s = $ar[$semester_num];
  if ($s == "")
    $s = t("Year") . " " . ($semester_num + 1);

  return $title;