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Name Locationsort ascending Description
install_perform_install ./install.php Actually performs the installation of FlightPath
install_get_settings_file_template ./install.php Returns a template for a new settings file.
install_display_db_form ./install.php Displays the form to let a user set up a new database
install_check_requirements ./install.php Check for missing requirements of the system.
install_display_requirements ./install.php Displays the requirements on screen for the user.
install_display_lang_selection ./install.php
install_output_to_browser ./install.php
install_get_random_string ./install.php
fp_push_and_balance_profile_items includes/ This function accepts a "profile items" array by reference, which is presumed to have a "left_side" and a "right_side" already defined. We can "push" items onto it, and the item will automatically go to the…
theme_table_header_sortable includes/ Given an array of table headers (in the format listed below), returns back the HTML to draw it to the screen. This makes them clickable, to make the table header sortable. This is meant to be used with queries, by adding in an "ORDER BY"…
theme_table_header_sortable_set_initial_sort includes/ Sets our initial sort, if there isn't already one set.
theme_table_header_sortable_order_by includes/ Used with the theme_table_header_sortable function (meant to be called AFTER headers have been created.)
theme_pager includes/ Adapted from
pager_get_querystring includes/ Adapted from
theme_pager_link includes/ Adapted from
theme_pager_first includes/ Adapted from:
theme_pager_last includes/ Adapted from
theme_pager_next includes/ Adapted from
theme_pager_previous includes/ Adapted from
pager_load_array includes/ Adapted from
format_date includes/ Format a timestamp using the date command. TODO: Make the formats something which can be controlled through the settings.
fp_render_menu_block includes/ Render a "menu" block of menu items which are all rooted at the menu_root. So if the menu root is tools, it might return items whose paths look like: tools/fun tools/here/there So long as the menu type is "MENU_TYPE_NORMAL_ITEM" or…
fp_display_page includes/ Output the contents of the $page variable to the screen. $page is an array containing details about the page, as well as its original menu item (router_item) definition.
fp_render_student_profile_header includes/ Returns the HTML for the "profile" header html for a student
fp_render_breadcrumbs includes/ Return the HTML for breadcrumbs for the current page we are on. Will skip any breadcrumbs we do not have permission to access.
fp_render_sidebar_left_content includes/ Returns the HTML for the left sidebar content.
fp_render_mobile_hamburger_menu includes/ This will create the HTML content for the "mobile hamburger" menu, which appears when we press the 3 lines icon or "hamburger" icon on a mobile device.
fp_render_top_nav_content includes/ Returns the HTML for the top navigation content of the screen itself.
fp_show_title includes/ Sets whether the title should be shown on the page or not.
fp_render_c_fieldset includes/ This function will return the HTML to contruct a collapsible fieldset, complete with javascript and style tags.
fp_build_sub_tab_array includes/ Create a "sub-tab" array, which looks like a standard tab_array, but it contains only this page's sub-tab siblings.
fp_build_tab_array includes/ Looks at the current page array and returns a valid $tab_array Meant for the top of the screen.
fp_render_sub_tab_array includes/ Similar to render_tab_array.
fp_render_button includes/ Returns the HTML to draw a pretty button.
fp_render_mobile_tab_array includes/
fp_render_tab_array includes/ Given a propperly formatted tab_array, this will return the HTML to draw it on a page.
display_not_found includes/
display_access_denied includes/
fp_theme_location includes/ Return the theme location
fp_render_curved_line includes/ Will draw a string in a pretty curved box. Used for displaying semester titles.
fp_render_section_title includes/
fp_render_square_line includes/ Will draw a string in a pretty square box. Used for displaying semester titles.
fp_render_menu_item includes/
ppm includes/ Alias of pretty_print($var)
pretty_print includes/
fp_render_content includes/ This is very similar to fp_get_form / fp_render_form, except in this case we are being passed the completed "render_array", which already contains all of our elements. We will call hooks on it, sort by weights, and then return the rendered…
fp_render_array includes/ This takes a render_array and generates the HTML for it. This usually is not called directly, but instead you should call fp_render_content() or fp_render_form()
fp_get_form includes/ This function gets the form array, where the callback is the same as form_id. It will also look for modules which may want to alter the form, using hook_form_alter, and go ahead and apply that.
fp_render_form includes/ Render the form array from the callback to the screen, and set the form to save itself in our default submit handler. Valid form_types are: "system_settings" => values automatically saved to variables table. "normal" or BLANK…
clear_session_form_values includes/ Clear the form submissions variable from the SESSION for this callback.