function fp_render_button

7.x fp_render_button($title, $on_click, $extra_class = "")
6.x fp_render_button($title, $on_click, $extra_class = "")
4.x fp_render_button($title, $on_click, $bool_padd = true, $style = "", $extra_class = "")
5.x fp_render_button($title, $on_click, $bool_padd = true, $style = "", $extra_class = "")

Returns the HTML to draw a pretty button.

7 calls to fp_render_button()
admin_display_degrees_popup_add_group2 in modules/admin/
admin_edit_degree_form in modules/admin/
Meant to replace the old-fashioned display_edit_degree function...
advise_what_if_selection_form in modules/advise/advise.module
AdvisingScreen::display_popup_course_description in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
Displays the contents of the Descripton tab for the course popup.
AdvisingScreen::display_popup_group_select in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
This function displays the popup which lets a user select a course to be advised into a group.

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includes/, line 1913


function fp_render_button($title, $on_click, $extra_class = "") {

  // we want to add on a variable-name-friendly version of the title to extra_class.
  $extra_class .= " fp-render-button-" . fp_get_machine_readable(strtolower($title));

  $rtn = "<button class='fp-render-button $extra_class' onClick='$on_click'>$title</button>";

  return $rtn;