function clear_session_form_values

6.x clear_session_form_values($callback)
4.x clear_session_form_values($callback)
5.x clear_session_form_values($callback)

Clear the form submissions variable from the SESSION for this callback.

3 calls to clear_session_form_values()
admin_add_degree_form_submit in modules/admin/
Submit handler for the add_degree_form.
admin_edit_group_form_submit in modules/admin/
fp_render_form in includes/
Render the form array from the callback to the screen, and set the form to save itself in our default submit handler. Valid form_types are: "system_settings" => values automatically saved to variables table. "normal" or BLANK…


includes/, line 405


function clear_session_form_values($callback) {
  unset($_SESSION ["fp_form_submissions"][$callback]);