function fp_show_title

6.x fp_show_title($bool_show = TRUE)
7.x fp_show_title($bool_show = TRUE)
4.x fp_show_title($bool_show = TRUE)
5.x fp_show_title($bool_show = TRUE)

Sets whether the title should be shown on the page or not.

4 calls to fp_show_title()
fp_render_form in includes/
Render the form array from the callback to the screen, and set the form to save itself in our default submit handler. Valid form_types are: "system_settings" => values automatically saved to variables table. "normal" or BLANK…
fp_set_title in includes/
Allows the programmer to set the title of the page, overwriting any default title.
student_files_content_alter in modules/student_files/student_files.module
Implememnt hook_content_alter
system_display_install_finished_page in modules/system/system.module
This page is displayed to the user once FlightPath has been installed.


includes/, line 1609


function fp_show_title($bool_show = TRUE) {
  $GLOBALS ["fp_set_show_title"] = $bool_show;