function fp_theme_location

6.x fp_theme_location($bool_include_base_path = TRUE)
4.x fp_theme_location($bool_include_base_path = TRUE)
5.x fp_theme_location($bool_include_base_path = TRUE)

Return the theme location

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includes/, line 2094


function fp_theme_location($bool_include_base_path = TRUE) {

  $p = variable_get("theme", 'themes/fp6_clean');

  // The theme hasn't been set for some reason
  if ($p == "") {
    $p = "themes/fp6_clean";

  if ($bool_include_base_path) {
    $bp = base_path();

    // The following code is to fix a bug where we might end up with // as our location, if our base_path is simply "/", meaning,
    // the site is located on a bare domain.
    if ($bp != "/") {
      $p = base_path() . "/" . $p;
    else {
      $p = "/" . $p;

  return $p;