function display_not_found

6.x display_not_found()
4.x display_not_found()
5.x display_not_found()
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This actually finds and downloads the file for the user, decrypting if necessary.
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Display the content specified in the GET's cid.
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The primary entry point for FlightPath.
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includes/, line 2054


function display_not_found() {

  header("HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found", TRUE, 404);

  $page = array(
    "title" => t("Not Found"),
    "content" => "<h2>" . t("Page not found") . "</h2>" . t("Sorry, the requested page could not be found."),

  $location = @$_SERVER ["REQUEST_URI"];

  watchdog("page_not_found", "404 - Page not found (" . strip_tags($location) . ")", array(), WATCHDOG_DEBUG);