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calendar_build_custom_calendar modules/calendar/calendar.module Actually renders the HTML for the calendar.
calendar_confirm_cancel_appointment_form modules/calendar/calendar.module Confirm we actually want to cancel this appointment
calendar_confirm_cancel_appointment_form_submit modules/calendar/calendar.module
calendar_content_alter modules/calendar/calendar.module Implements hook_content_alter. We want to alter the way that our calendar appointments are displayed.
calendar_content_register_content_type modules/calendar/calendar.module For use with the content module. We will register our custom content type(s) for use with this module.
calendar_cron modules/calendar/calendar.module Implements hook_cron
calendar_display_calendar modules/calendar/calendar.module
calendar_display_mobile_date_page modules/calendar/calendar.module This function is specifically for displaying the events on a particular day for the user, presumed to be in a mobile experience.
calendar_display_schedule_appointment_completed_page modules/calendar/calendar.module The user has successfully completed their appointment scheduling. Display a Thank You page.
calendar_display_schedule_appointment_page modules/calendar/calendar.module This is the page which lets students schedule an appointment with the faculty member supplied in the user_id.
calendar_display_schedule_staff_page modules/calendar/calendar.module This page (primarily meant for students) is for quickly finding your advisor or professor or whomever, and finding their link to schedule an appointment with them.
calendar_display_upcoming_appointments modules/calendar/calendar.module
calendar_display_user_appointment_settings_page modules/calendar/calendar.module This page is where the user can configure their various appointment settings (like when they offer them)
calendar_find_and_remind_notify_upcoming_appointments modules/calendar/calendar.module This function will find appointments approaching within X number of minutes, and send out notifications to all involved.
calendar_form_alter modules/calendar/calendar.module Implements hook_form_alter
calendar_get_appointments_for_faculty modules/calendar/calendar.module Return back a list of appointment content nodes for this faculty member, which fall between the specified datetimes.
calendar_get_available_faculty_schedule modules/calendar/calendar.module Returns back an array of time slots available for this faculty member and event_type
calendar_get_available_times_on_date modules/calendar/calendar.module
calendar_get_date_range modules/calendar/calendar.module Creating date collection between two dates
calendar_get_ics_invitation_string modules/calendar/calendar.module Return back an ics file (as a string) to be used as an attachment for emails, which will facilitate a calendar invitation.
calendar_get_upcoming_appointments_for_cwid modules/calendar/calendar.module Returns an array of upcoming appointments, where the user is specified by CWID. start_date and end_date is meant to be in UTC, in the form of Y-m-d
calendar_ics_split modules/calendar/calendar.module This lets us split up a line for ics into 75-char octets, according to the rules from:
calendar_install modules/calendar/calendar.install Hook install. Called when the module is installed on the admin modules page.
calendar_menu modules/calendar/calendar.module implements hook_menu
calendar_perm modules/calendar/calendar.module
calendar_render_mini_calendar modules/calendar/calendar.module
calendar_schedule_appointment_confirm_form modules/calendar/calendar.module The confirmation form the user will see once they have made their schedule selections.
calendar_schedule_appointment_confirm_form_submit modules/calendar/calendar.module We passed validation, it's time to actually submit now!
calendar_schedule_appointment_confirm_form_validate modules/calendar/calendar.module This is our last chance to validate the form before saving.
calendar_update modules/calendar/calendar.install
clear_session_form_values includes/ Clear the form submissions variable from the SESSION for this callback.
comments_can_access_comments modules/comments/comments.module Used by the menu to determine if the comments tab should appear.
comments_comment_form modules/comments/comments.module This is the form to enter a new comment.
comments_comment_form_submit modules/comments/comments.module
comments_cron modules/comments/comments.module hook_cron
comments_display_main modules/comments/comments.module This displays the primary Comments tab, where we see past comments and can enter a new one (with the right permissions).
comments_get_comment modules/comments/comments.module
comments_get_comments modules/comments/comments.module Returns an array of comments for this student, sorted most recent first.
comments_menu modules/comments/comments.module
comments_perform_delete_comment modules/comments/comments.module "delete" a comment (actually, all we do is flag it as deleted)
comments_perm modules/comments/comments.module
comments_popup_display_all_comments modules/comments/comments.module Displays all comments for a student in a popup window, meant for printing.
comments_popup_display_comment modules/comments/comments.module
comments_render_comment modules/comments/comments.module Display the comment array in a pretty way.
content_add_new_uploaded_file modules/content/content.module bool_replace_existing means should we replace an existing file (based on filename) with this new one? Instead of creating an INSERT, that is.
content_blocks modules/content/content.module hook_blocks. Returns an array of available blocks offered by this module in this format: array( delta => "This is the title of the block.", ), );
content_content_load modules/content/content.module Implementation of content's hook_content_load
content_content_register_content_type modules/content/content.module Implementation of this module's hook_content_register_content_type.
content_content_save modules/content/content.module Implements hook_content_save. We will save the content object to the database.
content_cron modules/content/content.module hook_cron