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hook_translate includes/hook.api.php This function is called by the t() function, and gives modules a chance to intercept a string and change it. Meant primarily for translating to another language, but also good for simple replacements. Used by the Locale module.
hook_menu_alter includes/hook.api.php This hook lets us make alterations to menu items before saving them to the database.
hook_menu_handle_replacement_pattern includes/hook.api.php This hook is called by the menu system. It allows each module the chance to replace string patterns in its menu items (defined in hook_menu).
hook_save_advising_session_from_post includes/hook.api.php This hook allows modules to perform extra functions just after an advising session is saved by the system.
hook_get_alert_count_by_type includes/hook.api.php This will allow modules to add to the "count" for alerts, that generally would trigger a notification badge on the bell at the top-right of the screen.
hook_stats_additional_menublocks includes/hook.api.php Used by the stats module, this will ask other modules to return an array of paths suitable for the fp_render_menu_block() function. In other words, the paths should be the **beginning** of the paths of your custom reports or other links which you…
hook_init_flightpath_degree includes/hook.api.php Allows a module to act on the degree_plan object AFTER being initialized by the FlightPath module.
db_get_school_id_for_student_id includes/
variable_exists includes/ Returns TRUE or FALSE if the variable exists in the variables table.
variable_get_for_school includes/ Get a value for a particular school. if bool_ignore_override is TRUE, then we won't worry if it's being overwritten or not.
variable_delete includes/ Remove a variable entirely from the table
z__fp_get_system_settings includes/
db_get_cwid_from_user_id includes/
get_global_database_handler includes/ This method will return a globally-set DatabaseHandler object, creating it if it does not already exist. This is for efficiency reasons, so every module or method does not need to keep creating databasehandler objects (and re-connecting to the database).
db_get_user_id_from_user_name includes/
fp_get_faculty_email includes/
db_get_school_id_for_user_id includes/
watchdog includes/ Add a log entry to the watchdog (log) table.
fp_get_max_catalog_repeats_for_course includes/ Figure out the maximum number of times this course can be repeated for credit, based on what is stored in the course catalog.
pager_query includes/ Code adapted from Drupal 6:
db_query_range includes/ Adds a simple LIMIT statement to a query. Adapted from Drupal 6:
fp_get_degree_major_code includes/ Returns the major code for a given degree_id
fp_get_degree_advising_weight includes/
fp_get_degree_title includes/ Quick method to look up title for a degree.
fp_get_faculty_name includes/ Returns the faculty member's name based on the ID provided.
fp_load_user includes/ Returns back a user object for this user_id. If the user is not found in the users table, it will return NULL. If the user_id requested is 0, the anonymous user object is returned.
fp_get_user_timezone includes/ Returns back the timezone for this user, if selected. If not, we return back the system timezone.
db_get_user_id includes/ Look up the user_id based on the the user_name. Returns FALSE if it cannot find it.
db_get_user_id_from_cwid includes/
db_get_user_id_from_email includes/
fp_get_student_majors includes/ Return back the codes or records for a student's degrees, based on what is in the student_degrees table (thanks to system.module), as well as what we get from hooks.
fp_get_student_name includes/
fp_get_student_email includes/
fp_get_permissions_for_role includes/
db_result includes/ Returns back the first result from a resource_handler.
db_insert_id includes/
db_get_user_settings includes/ Return the array from the user_settings table.
db_get_user_setting includes/ Return a specific setting's value, based on the var_name given.
db_set_user_setting includes/
db_query includes/
db_fetch_array includes/
db_fetch_object includes/
db_num_rows includes/
db_affected_rows includes/
db_table_exists includes/ Returns TRUE if the table specified exists or not.
variable_get includes/ Get a variable from the database. We will first look in our GLOBALS array, to see that it hasn't already been retrieved this page load.
variable_set includes/ Set a variable value, so we can retrieve it later on.
fp_rebuild_modules_list includes/ Re-query the modules table and re-add to our global array.
example_helper_init custom/modules/example_helper/example_helper.module Implementation of "hook_init".
example_helper_menu custom/modules/example_helper/example_helper.module Implementation of hook_menu