function fp_get_student_name

7.x fp_get_student_name($cwid, $bool_include_cwid = FALSE)
6.x fp_get_student_name($cwid, $bool_include_cwid = FALSE)
4.x fp_get_student_name($cwid)
5.x fp_get_student_name($cwid)
14 calls to fp_get_student_name()
alerts_advisees_alerts_form in modules/alerts/alerts.module
Displays alerts for our various advisees.
alerts_display_advisee_activities_page in modules/alerts/alerts.module
Display all advisee activities since the beginning of time, thanks to pager query.
audit_popup_edit_approval_form in modules/audit/audit.module
This is the actual form that will be used to change an audit approval for a student.
calendar_build_custom_calendar in modules/calendar/calendar.module
Actually renders the HTML for the calendar.
calendar_confirm_cancel_appointment_form_submit in modules/calendar/calendar.module

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includes/, line 660
This file contains mostly db shortcuts.


function fp_get_student_name($cwid, $bool_include_cwid = FALSE) {
  if (is_numeric($cwid) && ($cwid === 0 || $cwid === '0')) {
    return t("Anonymous");

  // Already cached?
  if (isset($GLOBALS ['fp_cache_get_student_name'][$cwid][intval($bool_include_cwid)])) {
    return $GLOBALS ['fp_cache_get_student_name'][$cwid][intval($bool_include_cwid)];

  $db = get_global_database_handler();
  $name = $db->get_student_name($cwid, $bool_include_cwid);
  if (!$name) {
    $name = t("Unknown Student");

  $GLOBALS ['fp_cache_get_student_name'][$cwid][intval($bool_include_cwid)] = $name;

  return $name;