function watchdog

7.x watchdog($type, $message, $variables = array(), $severity = WATCHDOG_NOTICE, $extra_data = "")
6.x watchdog($type, $message, $variables = array(), $severity = WATCHDOG_NOTICE, $extra_data = "")
4.x watchdog($type, $message, $variables = array(), $severity = WATCHDOG_NOTICE, $extra_data = "")
5.x watchdog($type, $message, $variables = array(), $severity = WATCHDOG_NOTICE, $extra_data = "")

Add a log entry to the watchdog (log) table.

This is adapted from Drupal 6's watchdog system.


string $type: Generally, this is the name of the module, or some other short text which can be used to categorize this log entry. Ex: "system" or "routines".

string $message: This is the actual log message itself. It can be any length, and contain replacement patterns (very similar to the t() function.) Ex: "The user @user has logged in."

array $variables: If replacement patterns exist in the $message, this is where they are defined, similar to the t() function. Ex: array("@user" => $user->name) *

int $severity: One of several constant values, denoting the severity level. Available values:

string $extra_data: Any extra bit of text you want to add on. Must be 255 characters or less. Good for adding extra codes and such which can be queried for later more easily.

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1 string reference to 'watchdog'


includes/, line 55
This file contains mostly db shortcuts.


function watchdog($type, $message, $variables = array(), $severity = WATCHDOG_NOTICE, $extra_data = "") {
  global $user;

  $user_id = 0;
  $cwid = 0;
  $user_name = "";
  $is_student = 0;
  $is_faculty = 0;
  $school_id = 0;
  if (is_object($user)) {
    $user_id = @$user->id;
    $cwid = @$user->cwid;
    $user_name = @$user->name;
    $is_student = (int) @$user->is_student;
    $is_faculty = (int) @$user->is_faculty;
    $school_id = (int) @$user->school_id;

  $is_mobile = 0; //TODO:  not used anymore! //(int) fp_screen_is_mobile();

  $ip = @$_SERVER ["REMOTE_ADDR"];
  $location = @$_SERVER ["REQUEST_URI"];
  $referer = @$_SERVER ['HTTP_REFERER'];

  $ser_variables = "";
  if (is_array($variables) && count($variables) > 0) {
    $ser_variables = serialize($variables);

  db_query("INSERT INTO watchdog 
            (user_id, user_name, cwid, type, message, variables, severity, extra_data, location, referer, ip, is_mobile, is_student, is_faculty, timestamp, school_id)
            (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
            ", $user_id, $user_name, $cwid, $type, $message, $ser_variables, $severity, $extra_data, $location, $referer, $ip, $is_mobile, $is_student, $is_faculty, time(), $school_id);