function variable_get_for_school

6.x variable_get_for_school($name, $default_value = "", $school_id = 0, $bool_ignore_override = FALSE)

Get a value for a particular school. if bool_ignore_override is TRUE, then we won't worry if it's being overwritten or not.

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includes/, line 921
This file contains mostly db shortcuts.


function variable_get_for_school($name, $default_value = "", $school_id = 0, $bool_ignore_override = FALSE) {
  $school_id = intval($school_id);

  // If this is the default school, OR, we are using NOT overriding the default vals for this school, then use variable_get normally
  if ($school_id === 0 || ($bool_ignore_override == FALSE && variable_get("school_override__$name~~school_" . $school_id, '') !== 'yes')) {
    return variable_get($name, $default_value); // for default school, just work normally.

  if ($bool_ignore_override == TRUE && !variable_exists("school_override__$name~~school_" . $school_id)) {
    return variable_get($name, $default_value); // Can't find the override anyway, so get the default.

  // If we are here, we need to get using a fieldname suffix with the school id.
  return variable_get($name . "~~school_" . $school_id, $default_value);