function fp_get_user_timezone

6.x fp_get_user_timezone($account = NULL)
7.x fp_get_user_timezone($account = NULL)

Returns back the timezone for this user, if selected. If not, we return back the system timezone.

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includes/, line 489
This file contains mostly db shortcuts.


function fp_get_user_timezone($account = NULL) {
  global $user;

  if (is_numeric($account)) {
    $account = fp_load_user($account);

  if ($account == NULL) {
    $account = $user;

  $utz = NULL;
  if (isset($account->settings ['timezone'])) {
    $utz = trim(@$account->settings ['timezone']);
  if ($utz) {
    return $utz;

  // Else...

  $system_timezone = variable_get('system_timezone', 'America/Chicago');
  return $system_timezone;