function admin_add_degree_form

6.x admin_add_degree_form()
4.x admin_add_degree_form()
5.x admin_add_degree_form()

This form lets the user add a degree to the database.

1 string reference to 'admin_add_degree_form'
schools_form_alter in modules/schools/schools.module
Implements hook_form_alter


modules/admin/, line 473


function admin_add_degree_form() {

  $de_catalog_year = admin_get_de_catalog_year();

  fp_set_title(t("Add Degree for") . " " . $de_catalog_year);

  $form = array();
  $m = 0;

  $form ["markup" . $m++] = array(
    "type" => "markup",
    "value" => t("You may use this screen to add a new degree,
                  by entering a new degree code (Level 1 or 2) or <em>track</em> (Level-3 degree) code.
                  <br><br><em>Note: For simplicity, FlightPath refers to Level-1 and -2 degree codes as \"major codes\" and Level-3 degree codes as \"track codes\".</e>"),

  $bool_legacy_concentrations = variable_get("enable_legacy_concentrations", FALSE);
  $legacy_text = "";
  if ($bool_legacy_concentrations) {
    $legacy_text = " [and concentration] ";

  $form ["de_catalog_year"] = array(
    "type" => "hidden",
    "value" => $de_catalog_year,

  $form ["new_major"] = array(
    "type" => "radios",
    "label" => t("Are you entering a new major code $legacy_text,<br> 
                  or an existing major code $legacy_text (so you can add a new track)?"),
    "options" => array(
      "new" => t("Entering a <b>new</b> major code"),
      "existing" => t("Entering an <b>existing</b> major code (only adding a new Level-3 track)"),
    "required" => TRUE,
    "weight" => 10,

  $desc = "Enter the Level-1 or -2 Major Code here.  
           Do not enter any Level 3 codes (ex: Tracks or Concentrations).
           <br>For example, enter ACCT or ENGL.  <i><b>But not ENGL|_TRKA, etc</b></i>";
  if ($bool_legacy_concentrations) {
    $desc = "To enter a concentration code, use MAJOR|CONC. 
                      The | character is call the pipe, and it should under the backspace key. 
                      If adding a new concentration to an existing major, you still put this in as a 
                      NEW major code. Do not have any spaces in this box. The concentration code 
                      is optional. If the major does not have a concentration, 
                      then simply enter the major code by itself.  The combined major code and optional track
                      code can only be 18 characters maximum.";

  $form ["major_code"] = array(
    "type" => "textfield",
    "size" => 15,
    "label" => t("Level-1 or -2 Major Code:"),
    "description" => t($desc),
    "required" => TRUE,
    "weight" => 20,
    "description" => t("Enter only letters, numbers, or dash (-).  NO other symbols of any kind."),

  $form ["new_track"] = array(
    "type" => "radios",
    "label" => t("Are you entering a new Level-3 track code?"),
    "options" => array(
      "new" => t("Entering a <b>new</b> track code"),
      "none" => t("None - Not adding a track.  Leave blank"),
    "required" => TRUE,
    "weight" => 30,

  $form ["track_code"] = array(
    "type" => "textfield",
    "size" => 15,
    "label" => t("Level-3 Track code:"),
    "description" => t("Leave blank if you selected None above.  This code must not contain spaces, 
                        and combined with the major code it must not exceed 18 characters."),
    "weight" => 40,
    "description" => t("Enter only letters, numbers, or dash (-).  NO other symbols of any kind."),

  // Our submit button.
  $form ["submit"] = array(
    "type" => "submit",
    "value" => "Submit",
    "prefix" => "<hr>",
    "weight" => 999,

  return $form;