43 calls to fp_goto()

admin_edit_degree_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.degrees.inc
admin_edit_group_form_submit in modules/admin/admin.groups.inc
advise_display_history in modules/advise/advise.history.inc
Displays the history tab on screen.
advise_init_screen in modules/advise/advise.module
advise_perform_clear_advising_cache in modules/advise/advise.module
From menu hook. Clear just the advising cache.
advise_what_if_selection_form_submit in modules/advise/advise.module
Submit handler for the what if selection form. Since at this point we have passed validation, let's just assemble the URL we need to now redirect to.
batch_start_batch_from_form_submit in modules/batch/batch.module
A batch process is being initiated from a form submission.
blank_degrees_select_degree_form_submit in modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module
Submit handler for degree selection
calendar_get_available_faculty_schedule in modules/calendar/calendar.module
Returns back an array of time slots available for this faculty member and event_type
calendar_schedule_appointment_confirm_form_submit in modules/calendar/calendar.module
We passed validation, it's time to actually submit now!
comments_perform_delete_comment in modules/comments/comments.module
"delete" a comment (actually, all we do is flag it as deleted)
content_edit_content_form_submit in modules/content/content.module
Submit handler for the edit content form.
content_public_files_form in modules/content/content.module
This screen lets the user upload/manage/delete "public files" stored at custom/files/content_uploads/public_uploads/
course_search_select_school_form_submit in modules/course_search/course_search.module
FlightPath::save_advising_session_from_post in classes/FlightPath.php
install_perform_install in ./install.php
Actually performs the installation of FlightPath
masquerade_perform_masquerade in modules/masquerade/masquerade.module
Actually perform the switching of users to the selected user.
menu_execute_page_request in includes/menu.inc
stats_report_major_students_progress_form in modules/stats/reports.major-students-progress.inc
Simply display a form letting the user select an available major.
stats_select_school_form_submit in modules/stats/stats.module
student_files_handle_delete in modules/student_files/student_files.module
student_files_handle_upload in modules/student_files/student_files.module
Handles the upload of a file which we assume is located at $_FILES["student_file_upload_file"], or the provided $file array.
student_search_search_form_submit in modules/student_search/student_search.module
student_search_student_select_switchboard in modules/student_search/student_search.module
The user has selected a student (clicked on a row) from the Search or My Advisees screen.
student_search_subtab_switchboard in modules/student_search/student_search.module
The primary purpose of this function is to decide which "sub tab" function to send the user off to. This is based on whatever their previous selection was.
system_display_dashboard_page in modules/system/system.module
This is the "dashboard" page for FlightPath, which replaces the "main" page from FP 5.
system_display_login_help_page in modules/system/system.module
This page will be shown when the user clicks the "Need Help Logging In?" link on the login page.
system_finished_db_updates_finished in modules/system/system.module
system_handle_form_submit in modules/system/system.module
Intercepts form submissions from forms built with the form API.
system_handle_logout in modules/system/system.module
system_handle_uninstall_module in modules/system/system.module
Called from the menu (ie, a URL) this function will uninstall a module.
system_login_form_submit in modules/system/system.module
Submit handler for login form. If we are here, it probably means we have indeed authenticated. Just in case, we will test the form_state["passed_authentication"] value, which we expect to have been set in our validate handler.
system_login_form_validate in modules/system/system.module
Validate function for the login form. This is where we will do all of the lookups to verify username and password. If you want to write your own login handler (like for LDAP) this is the function you would duplicate in a custom module, then use…
system_mfa_login_form_submit in modules/system/system.module
system_perform_clear_cache in modules/system/system.module
This function will clear our various caches by calling on the hook_clear_cache in each module.
system_perform_clear_menu_cache in modules/system/system.module
Clears only the menu cache
system_perform_run_cron in modules/system/system.module
Called from menu, will run hook_cron() for all modules.
update_status_check_now in modules/update_status/update_status.module
This will force a re-check of modules for this update_status module.
user_edit_student_user_form_submit in modules/user/user.student.inc
Submit handler for editing student users.
user_edit_user_form_submit in modules/user/user.module
Submit handler for our edit faculty form
user_list_filter_form_submit in modules/user/user.module
user_student_list_filter_form_submit in modules/user/user.student.inc
user_subtab_switchboard in modules/user/user.module
Decide what should happen when we go to "admin/config/users" by itself