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prereqs_get_prereq_array_from_string modules/prereqs/prereqs.module Assumes prereqs are written in this format: ACCT 101 (C) & ACCT 103 ACCT 102 (B)
prereqs_get_prereq_array_for_course modules/prereqs/prereqs.module Return back a friendly array of prereq courses that are required for THIS course_id.
prereqs_form_alter modules/prereqs/prereqs.module Implements hook_form_alter
prereqs_edit_course_form_validate modules/prereqs/prereqs.module validate for the edit course form, from
prereqs_edit_course_form_submit modules/prereqs/prereqs.module Our submit handler.
prereqs_content_alter modules/prereqs/prereqs.module Implememnt hook_content_alter
ppm includes/ Alias of pretty_print($var)
pager_query includes/ Code adapted from Drupal 6:
pager_load_array includes/ Adapted from
pager_get_querystring includes/ Adapted from
notify_update modules/notify/notify.install
notify_send_notification_to_user modules/notify/notify.module $cid is the related content's cid, if applicable.
notify_save_notification modules/notify/notify.module Actually writes our notification to our notification_history table.
notify_install modules/notify/notify.install
notify_by_sms modules/notify/notify.module
notify_by_mail modules/notify/notify.module
module_enabled includes/ Simple function that returns TRUE if the module is enabled, FALSE otherwise.
modules_implement_hook includes/ Return an array of enabled modules which implement the provided hook. Do not include the preceeding "_" on the hook name!
menu_rebuild_cache includes/ Go through all installed modules and rebuild the menu_router table, based on each module's hook_menu function.
menu_get_module_path includes/
menu_get_menu_router_item_from_db includes/ Return array from menu_router for this item. *
menu_get_items_in_tab_family includes/
menu_get_items_beginning_with includes/ Return menu_items whose path begins with the menu_root. Ex: "tools" would return tools/fun and tools/here/there
menu_get_item includes/ Figure out which menu_router path matches the supplied path and return it.
menu_execute_page_request includes/
menu_convert_replacement_pattern includes/ Look for modules implementing hook_menu_handle_replacement_pattern, and apply to str.
menu_check_user_access includes/ Looks at the router item's details (from menu_get_item) and returns TRUE or FALSE if the user can access this item.
masquerade_perm modules/masquerade/masquerade.module Implementation of hook_perm
masquerade_perform_masquerade modules/masquerade/masquerade.module Actually perform the switching of users to the selected user.
masquerade_menu modules/masquerade/masquerade.module Implementation of hook_menu
masquerade_init modules/masquerade/masquerade.module
masquerade_form_submit modules/masquerade/masquerade.module The submit handler for masquerade_form.
masquerade_form modules/masquerade/masquerade.module This form will let the user specify which user they wish to impersonate.
lassie_start modules/lassie/lassie.module Set a new job for Lassie to watch.
lassie_get_machine_name modules/lassie/lassie.module Converts the string into a compatible "machine name" for Lassie to use.
lassie_finish modules/lassie/lassie.module Tell Lassie that we have finished the job.
lassie_cron modules/lassie/lassie.module Implements hook_cron
lassie_check_all modules/lassie/lassie.module Check all of the jobs we are currently waiting on.
lassie_check modules/lassie/lassie.module Check to see if an email needs to be sent regarding this job.
l includes/ This works like Drupal's l() function for creating links. Ex: l("Click here for course search!", "tools/course-search", "abc=xyz&hello=goodbye", array("class" => "my-class")); Do not…
is_serialized_string includes/ From:
invoke_hook includes/ Invoke all module hooks for the supplied hook.
install_perform_install ./install.php Actually performs the installation of FlightPath
install_output_to_browser ./install.php
install_get_settings_file_template ./install.php Returns a template for a new settings file.
install_get_random_string ./install.php
install_display_requirements ./install.php Displays the requirements on screen for the user.
install_display_lang_selection ./install.php
install_display_db_form ./install.php Displays the form to let a user set up a new database
install_check_requirements ./install.php Check for missing requirements of the system.