function module_enabled

7.x module_enabled($module_name)
6.x module_enabled($module_name)

Simple function that returns TRUE if the module is enabled, FALSE otherwise.

We also will use our existing GLOBALS cache.

61 calls to module_enabled()
admin_add_degree_form_submit in modules/admin/
Submit handler for the add_degree_form.
admin_add_degree_form_validate in modules/admin/
Validate handler for add_degree_form
admin_advising_settings_form in modules/admin/admin.module
This is a systems settings form, which lets the user edit advising variabled for FlightPath.
admin_copy_degree_form_submit in modules/admin/
admin_copy_degree_form_validate in modules/admin/
Validate handler. Make sure our allow_overwrite setting is working. Check for existing major code.

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includes/, line 2360
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function module_enabled($module_name) {

  return (isset($GLOBALS ["fp_system_settings"]["modules"][$module_name]));