function notify_by_mail

7.x notify.module notify_by_mail($email, $subject, $msg, $attachments = array())
6.x notify.module notify_by_mail($email, $subject, $msg, $attachments = array())
2 calls to notify_by_mail()
notify_send_notification_to_user in modules/notify/notify.module
$cid is the related content's cid, if applicable.
system_login_form_submit in modules/system/system.module
Submit handler for login form. If we are here, it probably means we have indeed authenticated. Just in case, we will test the form_state["passed_authentication"] value, which we expect to have been set in our validate handler.


modules/notify/notify.module, line 87


function notify_by_mail($email, $subject, $msg, $attachments = array()) {

  // We will assume the attachments is in "string" format, if present.
  $bool_attachment_string = FALSE;
  if (count($attachments) > 0) {
    $bool_attachment_string = TRUE;

  fp_mail($email, $subject, $msg, TRUE, $attachments, $bool_attachment_string);