function prereqs_get_prereq_array_for_course

7.x prereqs.module prereqs_get_prereq_array_for_course($course_id)
6.x prereqs.module prereqs_get_prereq_array_for_course($course_id)

Return back a friendly array of prereq courses that are required for THIS course_id.

1 call to prereqs_get_prereq_array_for_course()
prereqs_get_prereq_warnings_for_course in modules/prereqs/prereqs.module
This is meant to be a general function to find all relavent prereq warnings for the supplied course.


modules/prereqs/prereqs.module, line 373
This is the module file for the prereqs module.


function prereqs_get_prereq_array_for_course($course_id) {
  $rtn = array();

  $prereq_data = prereqs_get_prereq_string_for_course($course_id);

  $db = get_global_database_handler();
  $school_id = $db->get_school_id_for_course_id($course_id, TRUE);

  $rtn = prereqs_get_prereq_array_from_string($prereq_data, $school_id);

  return $rtn;