function notify_by_sms

7.x notify.module notify_by_sms($mobile_phone, $subject, $msg)
6.x notify.module notify_by_sms($mobile_phone, $subject, $msg)
1 call to notify_by_sms()
notify_send_notification_to_user in modules/notify/notify.module
$cid is the related content's cid, if applicable.


modules/notify/notify.module, line 99


function notify_by_sms($mobile_phone, $subject, $msg) {

  // The msg cannot have any HTML, since it's just a text message.
  $msg = filter_markup($msg, 'plain');
  $msg = str_replace("&", "&", $msg); // trouble HTML chars back into normal chars for SMS.

  engagements_send_sms_to_number($mobile_phone, $subject . "\n--\n" . $msg);