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prereqs_get_prereq_array_for_course modules/prereqs/prereqs.module Return back a friendly array of prereq courses that are required for THIS course_id.
prereqs_get_prereq_array_from_string modules/prereqs/prereqs.module Assumes prereqs are written in this format: ACCT 101 (C) & ACCT 103 ACCT 102 (B)
prereqs_get_prereq_string_for_course modules/prereqs/prereqs.module Just gets whatever is in the database for this course.
prereqs_get_prereq_warnings_for_course modules/prereqs/prereqs.module This is meant to be a general function to find all relavent prereq warnings for the supplied course.
prereqs_install modules/prereqs/prereqs.install hook_install.
prereqs_menu modules/prereqs/prereqs.module Implements hook_menu
prereqs_perm modules/prereqs/prereqs.module
prereqs_settings_form modules/prereqs/prereqs.module
prereqs_theme_advise_course_row modules/prereqs/prereqs.module Implements hook_theme_advise_course_row. Lets us re-write how our course rows are drawn, if desired.
prereqs_update modules/prereqs/prereqs.install
pretty_print includes/
schools_administer_schools_form modules/schools/schools.module
schools_administer_schools_form_submit modules/schools/schools.module
schools_check_access modules/schools/schools.module this is our custom access callback.
schools_content_alter modules/schools/schools.module
schools_data_form_submit modules/schools/schools.module
schools_form_alter modules/schools/schools.module Implements hook_form_alter
schools_get_schools_for_fapi modules/schools/schools.module Return a list of schools in an array, for use in the "options" of a select list in the Form API.
schools_get_school_code_for_id modules/schools/schools.module
schools_get_school_definitions modules/schools/schools.module
schools_get_school_id_for_user modules/schools/schools.module
schools_get_school_id_from_school_code modules/schools/schools.module
schools_get_school_name_for_id modules/schools/schools.module
schools_init modules/schools/schools.module Implements hook_init
schools_install modules/schools/schools.install Implements hook_install
schools_menu modules/schools/schools.module Implements hook_menu
schools_menu_alter modules/schools/schools.module hook_menu_alter
schools_override_elements_form_submit modules/schools/schools.module
schools_perm modules/schools/schools.module
search_user_can_search_for_some_advisees modules/student_search/student_search.module Basically, can the user see the "Advisees" tab at all? The answer is TRUE if they have any of the permissions that let them do so.
smtp_mail modules/smtp/smtp.module For attachments, the array can be one of two methods:
smtp_menu modules/smtp/smtp.module
smtp_settings_form modules/smtp/smtp.module
st includes/ Provides translation functionality when database is not available.
stats_display_main modules/stats/stats.module Main menu screen for this module.
stats_download_csv_from_batch modules/stats/stats.module Lets the user download a CSV file from a completed batch.
stats_draw_catalog_year_pulldown modules/stats/stats.module Return the HTML for a pulldown containing the catalog years available for selection.
stats_draw_date_range_form modules/stats/stats.module Displays the HTML for the date range form used by several reports. $path is what is the form's ACTION sending to.
stats_draw_majors_pulldown modules/stats/stats.module Display a major selection pulldown, used by other reports.
stats_get_log_count modules/stats/stats.module Used by the use_summary report. This function will simply return log counts for the specified parameters in the watchdog table.
stats_menu modules/stats/stats.module Implementation of hook_menu
stats_perm modules/stats/stats.module Implementation of hook_perm(). Expects to return an array of permissions recognized by this module.
stats_report_access_stats modules/stats/stats.module This report shows recent activity in FlightPath. It can also be used to see if anyone is "online" in that they would have activity less than 5 minutes old.
stats_report_advisor_use modules/stats/stats.module This report shows which advisors are using FlightPath most often.
stats_report_course_use_summary modules/stats/stats.module This report will display everywhere a particular course is used in FlightPath (groups and degrees)
stats_report_flightpath_use_summary modules/stats/stats.module This report shows common usages in FlightPath by all users.
stats_report_major_counts modules/stats/stats.module This report shows how many students are in each major.
stats_report_major_students_progress_form modules/stats/ Simply display a form letting the user select an available major.
stats_report_major_students_progress_form_submit modules/stats/ Our submit handler. We will be setting up a new batch process.
stats_report_major_students_progress_perform_batch_operation modules/stats/ This is the actual batch process function which gets called per run of the batch.