function st

6.x st($str, $vars = array())
7.x st($str, $vars = array())
4.x st($str, $vars = array())
5.x st($str, $vars = array())

Provides translation functionality when database is not available.

TODO: Not implemented yet

4 calls to st()
install_check_requirements in ./install.php
Check for missing requirements of the system.
install_display_db_form in ./install.php
Displays the form to let a user set up a new database
install_display_requirements in ./install.php
Displays the requirements on screen for the user.
install_perform_install in ./install.php
Actually performs the installation of FlightPath


includes/, line 2033
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function st($str, $vars = array()) {
  // Not implemented yet.  For now, just replicate t().
  if (is_array($vars) && count($vars) > 0) {
    foreach ($vars as $var => $val) {

      // If var begins with %, it means we want to italicize the val.
      if (strstr($var, "%")) {
        $val = "<em>$val</em>";

      $str = str_replace($var, $val, $str);

  return $str;