function stats_perm

7.x stats.module stats_perm()
6.x stats.module stats_perm()
4.x stats.module stats_perm()
5.x stats.module stats_perm()

Implementation of hook_perm(). Expects to return an array of permissions recognized by this module.

Ex: $a = array( "deCanDoSomething" => array ( "title" => "Can Do Something", "description" => "Allow the user to do something." ) );


modules/stats/stats.module, line 265
This module displays statistics and reports for FlightPath


function stats_perm() {

  $perms = array(
    "can_access_stats" => array(
      "title" => t("Access/view stats & analytics"),
      "description" => t("This allows the user to access the stats module, letting them run
                        reports on usage."),

  return $perms;