function schools_get_school_code_for_id

6.x schools.module schools_get_school_code_for_id($school_id)
7.x schools.module schools_get_school_code_for_id($school_id)
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modules/schools/schools.module, line 1072
Schools module.


function schools_get_school_code_for_id($school_id) {

  if (isset($GLOBALS ["fp_cache_school_code_for_id"][intval($school_id)])) {
    return $GLOBALS ["fp_cache_school_code_for_id"][intval($school_id)];

  $defs = schools_get_school_definitions(TRUE);
  $rtn = @$defs [$school_id]['school_code'];
  if ($rtn == "") {
    $rtn .= t("School ID# ") . $school_id;

  if (intval($school_id) === 0) {
    $rtn = "-";

  $GLOBALS ["fp_cache_school_code_for_id"][intval($school_id)] = $rtn;

  return $rtn;