Banner Integration

This module attempts to bring together several functions and techniques for working with the Banner system, by Ellucian. This module is neither provided nor maintained by Ellucian.

The module includes several functions, routines, etc, which are used to pull Banner data into FlightPath's local MySQL database.

Set-up guide:

Current features

  • Loads courses and titles from Banner in a nightly routine.
  • Loads local (non-transfer) student courses automatically from Banner, live
  • Imports transfer credits and equivalencies for students in a nightly routine
  • Populates advisor_student table (to keep up with which students are assigned to which advisor) in a nightly routine.
  • Imports transfer_institutions table (keeps track of locations and codes for outside institutions which transfer credits may come from) in a nightly routine.
  • Imports students & refreshes users table (for student users) in a nightly routine.
  • Imports faculty/staff users table in a nightly routine.
  • Populates the transfer_global_eqv table required by Transfer Search module.

You might also need the Oracle API module. It depends on whether or not you are trying to query Banner directly, or if the banner tables are being reflected in MySQL tables within FlightPath.

Please read the README.txt file for instructions on modifying and customizing this module to suit your needs.

FlightPath 6.x
Please note: The 6x version of this module is exclusively supported and made available through FlightPath Academics.

FP 5.x - Latest Release

Version Posted
1.0 10/07/2020 - 6:01pm Release notes