This module allows for the concept of prerequisite requirements in FlightPath. If a student has not met a prereq (or co-req) requirement, then a "lock" icon will appear on the course instead of a checkbox. The course may still be advised, but a warning message will appear when the lock is clicked.

At the moment, the prereq module will allow for "locking" based on course availability (is it being taught in the selected advising term), and on other courses which the student has completed.

This module also allows for hooks, so developers can write more advanced prereq requirements as well.

Visit the Edit Course screen (when editing a course from the catalog) to configure what prereq courses exist for that specific course.

Note: This module is included by default in FlightPath 6.

FP 5.x - Latest Release

Version Posted
1.0.1 02/25/2021 - 4:06pm Release notes