function fp_goto

6.x fp_goto($path, $query = "")
7.x fp_goto($path, $query = "")
4.x fp_goto($path, $query = "")
5.x fp_goto($path, $query = "")

Redirect the user's browser to the specified internal path + query.

We will automatically add the current_student_id variable, if it is not present in the query.

Example uses:

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includes/, line 948
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function fp_goto($path, $query = "") {
  global $current_student_id;

  if ($current_student_id != "" && !strstr($query, "current_student_id=")) {
    // If the query doesn't contain the current_student_id, then add it in.
    $query .= "&current_student_id=$current_student_id";

  // Close the seesion before we try to redirect.

  if ($path == "<front>") {
    $path = variable_get("front_page", "main");

  header('Location: ' . fp_url($path, $query));