function fp_url

7.x fp_url($path, $query = "", $include_base_path = TRUE)
6.x fp_url($path, $query = "", $include_base_path = TRUE)
4.x fp_url($path, $query = "", $include_base_path = TRUE)
5.x fp_url($path, $query = "", $include_base_path = TRUE)

This function will take a path, ex: "admin/config/module" and a query, ex: "nid=5&whatever=yes" And join them together, respecting whether or not clean URL's are enabled.

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includes/, line 1010
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function fp_url($path, $query = "", $include_base_path = TRUE) {

  // If clean URLs are enabled, we should begin with a ?, if not, use an &

  // TODO: make sure that works.

  $rtn = "";
  if ($include_base_path) {
    $rtn .= base_path() . "/";

  $rtn .= $path;

  if ($query != "") {
    $rtn .= "?";
    $rtn .= $query;

  return $rtn;