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Namesort descending Location Description
user_get_setting modules/user/user.module Very similar to variable_get
user_hash_password includes/ Hash a password using a secure hash.
user_has_permission includes/ Returns TRUE or FALSE if the logged in user has access based on the permission supplied.
user_has_role includes/ Does the user have the specified role?
user_list_filter_form modules/user/user.module
user_list_filter_form_submit modules/user/user.module
user_menu modules/user/user.module Implementation of hook_menu
user_needs_new_hash includes/
user_perm modules/user/user.module
user_permissions_form modules/user/user.module This is the permissions form, where users can set which roles have which permissions.
user_permissions_form_submit modules/user/user.module Submit handler for the permissions form.
user_set_attribute modules/user/user.module Very similar to variable_set
user_set_setting modules/user/user.module Very similar to variable_set
user_student_edit_student_courses_form modules/user/ This is the form which we will use to manage a student's courses they've taken.
user_student_edit_student_courses_form_submit modules/user/
user_student_edit_student_courses_form_validate modules/user/
user_student_list_filter_form modules/user/
user_student_list_filter_form_submit modules/user/
user_subtab_switchboard modules/user/user.module Decide what should happen when we go to "admin/config/users" by itself
user_user_roles_form modules/user/user.module This form allows the user to manage the roles in the system.
user_user_roles_form_submit modules/user/user.module
user_user_settings_form modules/user/user.module This is the main settings form for a user.
user_user_settings_form_submit modules/user/user.module Save values from our settings form into the user_settings table (or other tables), as appropriate.
user_user_settings_form_validate modules/user/user.module Needed if we are trying to change password.
variable_delete includes/ Remove a variable entirely from the table
variable_exists includes/ Returns TRUE or FALSE if the variable exists in the variables table.
variable_get includes/ Get a variable from the database. We will first look in our GLOBALS array, to see that it hasn't already been retrieved this page load.
variable_get_for_school includes/ Get a value for a particular school. if bool_ignore_override is TRUE, then we won't worry if it's being overwritten or not.
variable_set includes/ Set a variable value, so we can retrieve it later on.
watchdog includes/ Add a log entry to the watchdog (log) table.
z__admin_display_watchdog modules/admin/admin.module Displays recent watchdog entries, from the watchdog table
z__course_search_display_view_reports modules/course_search/
z__course_search_get_offering_csv modules/course_search/
z__fp_get_system_settings includes/
z__schools_admin_copy_degree_form_validate modules/schools/schools.module
z__schools_apply_draft_changes modules/schools/schools.module Implements hook_apply_draft_changes
z__stats_draw_student_cwid_form modules/stats/stats.module Draws a simple form for entering a student's CWID, used by other reports.
z__stats_report_selected_degree_options modules/stats/stats.module This report will show which degree options are being selected for degrees which offer options.
z__student_search_render_advisees modules/student_search/student_search.module
z______student_search_render_advisees modules/student_search/student_search.module
_content_generate_create_table_sql modules/content/content.module Meant to be run by admin, this generates table creation sql for a given type.
_engagements_imap_get_attachments modules/engagements/engagements.module $inbox is the imap link. email_number is msg_no.
_engagements_imap_get_body modules/engagements/engagements.module
_fp_error_handler includes/ This is our custom error handler, which will intercept PHP warnings, notices, etc, and let us display them, log them, etc.
_fp_map_php_error_code includes/ Map an error code into an Error word *
_password_base64_encode includes/ Encodes bytes into printable base 64 using the *nix standard from crypt().
_password_crypt includes/ Hash a password using a secure stretched hash.
_password_enforce_log2_boundaries includes/ Ensures that $count_log2 is within set bounds.
_password_generate_salt includes/ Generates a random base 64-encoded salt prefixed with settings for the hash.
_password_get_count_log2 includes/ Parse the log2 iteration count from a stored hash or setting string.