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fp_clear_cache includes/ Call all modules which implement hook_clear_cache
fp_debug_ct includes/ Shortcut to fp_debug_current_time_millis()
fp_debug_current_time_millis includes/ When called repeatedly, this function will display a message along with a milisecond count out to the side. Very useful for developers to time function calls or queries, to see how long they are taking.
fp_display_page includes/ Output the contents of the $page variable to the screen. $page is an array containing details about the page, as well as its original menu item (router_item) definition.
fp_explode_assoc includes/ Takes a string (created by fp_join_assoc()) and re-creates the 1 dimensional assoc array.
fp_get_degree_advising_weight includes/
fp_get_degree_classifications includes/ Return back an assoc array of our set degree classifications, separated by "level"
fp_get_degree_classification_details includes/ Returns back an assoc array for the supplied code. Looks like: $arr["level_num"] = number $arr["title"] = the title
fp_get_degree_major_code includes/ Returns the major code for a given degree_id
fp_get_degree_title includes/ Quick method to look up title for a degree.
fp_get_faculty_name includes/ Returns the faculty member's name based on the ID provided.
fp_get_files_path includes/ Convenience function to return the /files system path. Does NOT end with a trailing slash.
fp_get_form includes/ This function gets the form array, where the callback is the same as form_id. It will also look for modules which may want to alter the form, using hook_form_alter, and go ahead and apply that.
fp_get_js_alert_link includes/ Creates a javascript "alert" link, which tells the user some message with javascript alert().
fp_get_js_confirm_link includes/ Creates a javascript "confirm" link, so when clicked it asks the user a question, then proceeds if they select OK. The main reason I want to do this is so I can pass the $question through my t() function. (do it when you call this function)
fp_get_js_prompt_link includes/ Creates a javascript "prompt" link, which will ask the user a question.
fp_get_machine_readable includes/ Simple function to convert a string into a machine-readable string.
fp_get_max_catalog_repeats_for_course includes/ Figure out the maximum number of times this course can be repeated for credit, based on what is stored in the course catalog.
fp_get_module_details includes/ Simply returns the module's row from the modules table, if it exists.
fp_get_module_path includes/ Return the filepath to the module
fp_get_permissions_for_role includes/
fp_get_random_string includes/ Returns a random string of length len.
fp_get_requirement_types includes/ Returns back an array of all the available requirement types (by code) that have been defined.
fp_get_student_majors includes/ Return back the codes or records for a student's degrees, based on what is in the student_degrees table (thanks to system.module), as well as what we get from hooks.
fp_get_student_name includes/
fp_get_system_settings includes/
fp_goto includes/ Redirect the user's browser to the specified internal path + query.
fp_html_print_r includes/ Similar to print_r, this will return an HTML-friendly click-to-open system similar in design to Krumo.
fp_http_request includes/ Send a request through the Internet and return the result as an object.
fp_join_assoc includes/ This function will create a string from a 1 dimensional assoc array. Ex: arr = array("pet" => "dog", "name" => "Rex") will return: pet-dog,name-Rex under the default settings.
fp_load_degree includes/ This function provides a pass-thru to $d = new DegreePlan(args). However, it allows for quick caching look-up, so it should be used when possible instead of $x = new DegreePlan.
fp_load_user includes/ Returns back a user object for this user_id. If the user is not found in the users table, it will return NULL. If the user_id requested is 0, the anonymous user object is returned.
fp_mail includes/ Send an email. Drop-in replacement for PHP's mail() command, but can use SMTP protocol if enabled.
fp_no_html_xss includes/ Remove any possiblilty of a malicious attacker trying to inject nonsense. From:
fp_number_pad includes/ Simple function to left padd numbers with 0's. 1 becomes 001 20 becomes 020 and so on.
fp_random_bytes includes/
fp_rebuild_modules_list includes/ Re-query the modules table and re-add to our global array.
fp_reduce_whitespace includes/ Simple helper function to reduce whitespace (like double-spaces)
fp_render_array includes/ This takes a render_array and generates the HTML for it. This usually is not called directly, but instead you should call fp_render_content() or fp_render_form()
fp_render_button includes/ Returns the HTML to draw a pretty button.
fp_render_content includes/ This is very similar to fp_get_form / fp_render_form, except in this case we are being passed the completed "render_array", which already contains all of our elements. We will call hooks on it, sort by weights, and then return the rendered…
fp_render_currently_advising_box includes/ Draws the CurrentlyAdvisingBox which appears at the top of the screen, containing the student's information like name, major, etc.
fp_render_curved_line includes/ Will draw a string in a pretty curved box. Used for displaying semester titles.
fp_render_c_fieldset includes/ This function will return the HTML to contruct a collapsible fieldset, complete with javascript and style tags.
fp_render_element includes/ Returns the HTML to render this form (or content) element to the screen. $name is the HTML machine name. $element is an array containing all we need to render it. If you want default values to be taken from the SESSION (because we had form_errors,…
fp_render_form includes/ Render the form array from the callback to the screen, and set the form to save itself in our default submit handler. Valid form_types are: "system_settings" => values automatically saved to variables table. "normal" or BLANK…
fp_render_greeting includes/ This displays a friendly message to the user, and provides a logout link at the top.
fp_render_menu_block includes/ Render a "menu" block of menu items which are all rooted at the menu_root. So if the menu root is tools, it might return items whose paths look like: tools/fun tools/here/there So long as the menu type is "MENU_TYPE_NORMAL_ITEM". …
fp_render_menu_item includes/
fp_render_mobile_tab_array includes/