5.x misc.inc t($str, $vars = array())
4.x misc.inc t($str, $vars = array())

This function will facilitate translations by using hook_translate()

Allows variable replacements. Use like this: t("@name's blob", array("@name" => "Richard")); or simply t("My blob"); if you don't need replacements.

Not implimented yet.

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includes/misc.inc, line 1234
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function t($str, $vars = array()) {

  // Note: at the moment, this isn't being used, but should one day be set.  
  @$langcode = isset($langcode) ? $langcode : $GLOBALS["fp_system_settings"]["language"];

  // First, change $str if any other modules implement hook_translate().
  invoke_hook("translate", array(&$str, $langcode)); // str is passed by ref, so no return needed.

  if (is_array($vars) && count($vars) > 0) {
    foreach ($vars as $var => $val) {

      // If var begins with %, it means we want to italicize the val.
      if (strstr($var, "%")) {
        $val = "<em>$val</em>";

      $str = str_replace($var, $val, $str);

  return $str;