5.x misc.inc fp_get_degree_classification_details($degree_class = "MAJOR", $bool_return_class_code_as_title_if_not_found = TRUE)

Returns back an assoc array for the supplied code. Looks like: $arr["level_num"] = number $arr["title"] = the title

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includes/misc.inc, line 831
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function fp_get_degree_classification_details($degree_class = "MAJOR", $bool_return_class_code_as_title_if_not_found = TRUE) {
  $rtn = array();

  if ($bool_return_class_code_as_title_if_not_found) {
    // Use the degree_class as title for default, if we can't find it otherwise.
    $rtn["level_num"] = 0;
    $rtn["title"] = $degree_class;
    $rtn["degree_class"] = $degree_class;

  $degree_classifications = fp_get_degree_classifications();
  foreach ($degree_classifications["levels"] as $num => $details) {
    if (isset($details[$degree_class])) {
      $rtn["level_num"] = $num;
      $rtn["title"] = $details[$degree_class];
      $rtn["degree_class"] = $degree_class;

  return $rtn;