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AdvisingScreen class classes/AdvisingScreen.php
AdvisingScreenTypeView class classes/AdvisingScreenTypeView.php This class is the View by Type view for FlightPath. As such, it inherits most of it's classes from __advising_screen.
Course class classes/Course.php
CourseList class classes/CourseList.php
DatabaseHandler class classes/DatabaseHandler.php
DegreePlan class classes/DegreePlan.php
FlightPath class classes/FlightPath.php
Group class classes/Group.php
GroupList class classes/GroupList.php
ObjList class classes/ObjList.php
Semester class classes/Semester.php The name "Semester" might be a little misleading, as it usually refers to years and the like. But, it might also refer to Summer semesters. Basically, its a collection of courses and groups that are required of a student. For example, the…
StandardizedTest class classes/StandardizedTest.php
Student class classes/Student.php
Substitution class classes/Substitution.php
SubstitutionList class classes/SubstitutionList.php