function get_global_database_handler

7.x get_global_database_handler()
6.x get_global_database_handler()
4.x get_global_database_handler()
5.x get_global_database_handler()

This method will return a globally-set DatabaseHandler object, creating it if it does not already exist. This is for efficiency reasons, so every module or method does not need to keep creating databasehandler objects (and re-connecting to the database).

38 calls to get_global_database_handler()
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includes/, line 1127
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function get_global_database_handler() {

  if (!isset($GLOBALS ["fp_global_database_handler"]) || !is_object($GLOBALS ["fp_global_database_handler"])) {
    $GLOBALS ["fp_global_database_handler"] = new DatabaseHandler();

  return $GLOBALS ["fp_global_database_handler"];