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course_search_upload_attachment modules/course_search/
csv_multiline_to_array includes/ From
csv_to_array includes/ Simple function to split a basic CSV string, trim all elements, then return the resulting array.
csv_to_form_api_array includes/ Splits a basic csv but returns an array suitable for the form_api, retuns assoc array.
db_affected_rows includes/
db_fetch_array includes/
db_fetch_object includes/
db_get_cwid_from_user_id includes/
db_get_school_id_for_student_id includes/
db_get_school_id_for_user_id includes/
db_get_user_id includes/ Look up the user_id based on the the user_name. Returns FALSE if it cannot find it.
db_get_user_id_from_cwid includes/
db_get_user_id_from_email includes/
db_get_user_id_from_user_name includes/
db_get_user_setting includes/ Return a specific setting's value, based on the var_name given.
db_get_user_settings includes/ Return the array from the user_settings table.
db_insert_id includes/
db_num_rows includes/
db_query includes/
db_query_range includes/ Adds a simple LIMIT statement to a query. Adapted from Drupal 6:
db_result includes/ Returns back the first result from a resource_handler.
db_set_user_setting includes/
db_table_exists includes/ Returns TRUE if the table specified exists or not.
depricated_message includes/ Displays a depricated message on screen. Useful for tracking down when depricated functions are being used.
display_access_denied includes/
display_not_found includes/
encryption_decrypt modules/encryption/encryption.module This will decrypt an encrypted string.
encryption_encrypt modules/encryption/encryption.module
encryption_get_cipher_algorithm modules/encryption/encryption.module Similar to the function above, this finds the "best" cipher which the server can support. Or, it can be manually set in the settings.php file by entering: $GLOBALS['encryption_cipher'] = 'NAME OF CIPHER';
encryption_get_hash_protocol modules/encryption/encryption.module This looks at the hash_algos() return to see if we can use SHA256, else return FALSE.
encryption_get_key modules/encryption/encryption.module Returns back a suitable key, either from our string or file location.
encryption_menu modules/encryption/encryption.module Implements hook_menu
encryption_perm modules/encryption/encryption.module Implements hook_perm
encryption_settings_form modules/encryption/encryption.module
encryption_settings_form_submit modules/encryption/encryption.module The submit handler
encryption_settings_form_validate modules/encryption/encryption.module
engagements_can_send_sms_to_number modules/engagements/engagements.module
engagements_content_register_content_type modules/engagements/engagements.module For use with the content module. We will register our custom content type(s) for use with this module.
engagements_convert_to_pretty_phone_number modules/engagements/engagements.module
engagements_convert_to_valid_phone_number modules/engagements/engagements.module Converts the string into a plain phone number, then tests to see if it is valid or not. RETURNS FALSE if not valid, otherwise, returns the converted phone number. This will be a valid number for use with our SMS service. (in the US anyway).
engagements_create_new_tracking_img_url modules/engagements/engagements.module Generates a URL to our tracking pixel, based on the cid included.
engagements_cron modules/engagements/engagements.module Implements hook_cron
engagements_display_advisee_engagements_page modules/engagements/engagements.module
engagements_display_main modules/engagements/engagements.module displays the main Engagements tab, which shows the history of past engagements.
engagements_form_alter modules/engagements/engagements.module Implements hook_form_alter
engagements_get_alert_count_by_type modules/engagements/engagements.module Implements hook_get_count_for_alert_type
engagements_get_file_extension_from_mime_type modules/engagements/engagements.module This function will look at the mime type (aka content type) to figure out what the file extension should be. This is useful when retrieving txt message media.
engagements_get_fp_price modules/engagements/engagements.module figure out the price we will charge.
engagements_get_from_phones modules/engagements/engagements.module Get the available "from phone" numbers in an organized array structure.
engagements_get_from_phones_for_fapi modules/engagements/engagements.module Returns back the phone lines available.