function engagements_cron

6.x engagements.module engagements_cron()

Implements hook_cron

One of the things we want to do is check on all of our SMS messages.

We will also want to check our imap messages


modules/engagements/engagements.module, line 1132
This is the primary module file for the engagements module.


function engagements_cron() 

  $last_sms_check = intval(variable_get('engagements_sms_get_all_last_check', 0));
  $last_imap_check = variable_get('engagements_imap_get_all_last_check', 0);

  // only check every X minutes at most.  Maybe this is a setting?
  $sms_check_against = strtotime("NOW - 30 MINUTES");
  if ($sms_check_against >= $last_imap_check) {
    engagements_sms_get_all_messages(); // refreshes sms information for messages we've sent and received

  // Check for imap messages in a similar way as the SMS messages.