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Namesort descending Location Description
alerts_update modules/alerts/alerts.install
announcements_content_register_content_type modules/announcements/announcements.module Implementatin of content's hook_content_register_content_type
announcements_enable modules/announcements/announcements.install
announcements_install modules/announcements/announcements.install Hook install. Called when the module is installed on the admin modules page.
announcements_perm modules/announcements/announcements.module Implementation of hook_perm
announcements_update modules/announcements/announcements.install
arg includes/ Returns the component of the page's path.
audit_can_access_audit modules/audit/audit.module Used by the menu to determine if the user can see the Audit tab at all.
audit_comment_form modules/audit/audit.module
audit_comment_form_submit modules/audit/audit.module
audit_display_audit modules/audit/audit.module
audit_get_approval_options modules/audit/audit.module Returns a simple array of the available approval options in the popup.
audit_get_approval_record modules/audit/audit.module
audit_get_approval_types modules/audit/audit.module Return an assoc array of approval types.
audit_hidden_approval_form modules/audit/audit.module
audit_hidden_approval_form_submit modules/audit/audit.module
audit_install modules/audit/audit.install Implementation of hook_install.
audit_menu modules/audit/audit.module Implementation of hook_menu
audit_perm modules/audit/audit.module Implementation of hook_perm
audit_popup_edit_approval_form modules/audit/audit.module This is the actual form that will be used to change an audit approval for a student.
audit_settings_form modules/audit/audit.module
audit_settings_form_validate modules/audit/audit.module
base_path includes/ Shortcut for getting the base_path variable from the global system settings.
base_url includes/ Shortcut for getting the base_url variable from the global system settings.
batch_ajax_callback modules/batch/batch.module This function is called by ajax, and will trigger each run of the batch operation function, then return appropriate results back to our javascript.
batch_cron modules/batch/batch.module Implementation of hook_cron
batch_finished_page modules/batch/batch.module We redirect to this page when we have finished a batch.
batch_get modules/batch/batch.module Return the batch_data array for this batch_id, or FALSE if it doesn't exist or can't be unserialized.
batch_get_token modules/batch/batch.module Return a token for this user.
batch_install modules/batch/batch.install Implementation of hook_install.
batch_menu modules/batch/batch.module Implementation of hook_menu
batch_perm modules/batch/batch.module Implementation of hook_perm
batch_processing_page modules/batch/batch.module This is the page the user sees while a batch is being processed.
batch_set modules/batch/batch.module Create a new batch process.
batch_start_batch_from_form_submit modules/batch/batch.module A batch process is being initiated from a form submission.
batch_test_finished_page modules/batch/ This is our test "finished" page which will be displayed upon completion of the batch (if selected in the test form).
batch_test_form modules/batch/ Basic sample form, accessed at
batch_test_form_submit modules/batch/
batch_test_perform_batch_operation modules/batch/ This is our batch operation function, that gets called each time the batch executes. Notice the first argument is passed by reference, and it is our $batch variable. The other arguments are whatever we defined in the batch_set operation.
blank_degrees_display_blank_degree modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module
blank_degrees_menu modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module Implementation of hook_menu
blank_degrees_menu_handle_replacement_pattern modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module This is an implementation of hook_menu_handle_replacement_pattern. It will search for and replace replacement patterns which we are aware of it in $str.
blank_degrees_perm modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module
blank_degrees_prereqs_get_prereq_warnings_for_course modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module Implements hook_prereqs_get_prereq_warnings_for_course
blank_degrees_select_degree_form modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module This form lets the user select which degree they wish to view.
blank_degrees_select_degree_form_submit modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module Submit handler for degree selection
blank_degrees_select_school_form modules/blank_degrees/blank_degrees.module
calendar_access_can_cancel_appointment modules/calendar/calendar.module Make sure the user is allowed to cancel this appointment.
calendar_appointment_content_form_validate modules/calendar/calendar.module Custom validate handler for when we save an appointment form. We want to confirm the student is valid, and also store ONLY the cwid.
calendar_appointment_settings_form modules/calendar/calendar.module Lets an admin user configure global settings regarding appointments in FlightPath