function base_url

6.x base_url()
7.x base_url()

Shortcut for getting the base_url variable from the global system settings.

2 calls to base_url()
AdvisingScreen::draw_pie_chart_box in classes/AdvisingScreen.php
This function is used to draw an individual pie chart box. It accepts values of top/bottom in order to come up with a percentage.
content_public_files_form in modules/content/content.module
This screen lets the user upload/manage/delete "public files" stored at custom/files/content_uploads/public_uploads/
8 string references to 'base_url'
calendar_display_schedule_staff_page in modules/calendar/calendar.module
This page (primarily meant for students) is for quickly finding your advisor or professor or whomever, and finding their link to schedule an appointment with them.
calendar_display_user_appointment_settings_page in modules/calendar/calendar.module
This page is where the user can configure their various appointment settings (like when they offer them)
DatabaseHandler::db_error in classes/DatabaseHandler.php
Draw out the error onto the screen.
engagements_create_new_tracking_img_url in modules/engagements/engagements.module
Generates a URL to our tracking pixel, based on the cid included.
engagements_handle_incoming_sms in modules/engagements/engagements.module
This catches incoming sms messages from POST, but can also be used by our "sms_get_all_messages" function, but it is also used by the sms_get_all_messages to save/update information.

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includes/, line 2053
This file contains misc functions for FlightPath


function base_url() {
  $p = $GLOBALS ["fp_system_settings"]["base_url"];

  return $p;