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system_login_form modules/system/system.module This draws the form which facilitates logins.
system_login_form_submit modules/system/system.module Submit handler for login form. If we are here, it probably means we have indeed authenticated. Just in case, we will test the form_state["passed_authentication"] value, which we expect to have been set in our validate handler.
system_login_form_validate modules/system/system.module Validate function for the login form. This is where we will do all of the lookups to verify username and password. If you want to write your own login handler (like for LDAP) this is the function you would duplicate in a custom module, then use…
system_menu modules/system/system.module
system_modules_form modules/system/system.module This is the form which an admin may use to manage the modules in the system.
system_modules_form_submit modules/system/system.module Submit handler for the modules form.
system_perform_clear_cache modules/system/system.module This function will clear our various caches by calling on the hook_clear_cache in each module.
system_perform_clear_menu_cache modules/system/system.module Clears only the menu cache
system_perform_run_cron modules/system/system.module Called from menu, will run hook_cron() for all modules.
system_perm modules/system/system.module Implementation of hook_perm(). Expects to return an array of permissions recognized by this module.
system_popup_report_contact_form modules/system/system.module This is the form which lets users send an email to the FlightPath production team,
system_popup_report_contact_form_submit modules/system/system.module
system_popup_report_contact_thank_you modules/system/system.module This is the thank you page you see after submitting the contact form.
system_rebuild_css_js_query_string modules/system/system.module This function will recreate the dummy query string we add to the end of css and js files.
system_render_block modules/system/system.module
system_school_data_form modules/system/system.module This form is for the school-data, like subject code descriptions, colleges, etc.
system_school_data_form_validate modules/system/system.module Validate handler for the school_data_form.
system_settings_form modules/system/system.module This is the "system settings" form.
system_settings_form_submit modules/system/system.module Extra submit handler for the system_settings_form
system_status modules/system/system.module Implementation of hook_status Expected return is array( "severity" => "normal" or "warning" or "alert", "status" => "A message to display to the user.", );
system_update modules/system/system.install
t includes/ This function will facilitate translations by using hook_translate()
timer_read includes/ Works with the timer_start() function to return how long it has been since the start.
timer_start includes/ Begin a microtime timer for later use.
tinymce_config_form modules/tinymce/tinymce.module
tinymce_form_alter modules/tinymce/tinymce.module Implementation of hook_form_alter
tinymce_init modules/tinymce/tinymce.module
tinymce_install modules/tinymce/tinymce.install Implementation of hook_install
tinymce_menu modules/tinymce/tinymce.module Implementation of hook_menu
tinymce_perm modules/tinymce/tinymce.module
update_status_check_now modules/update_status/update_status.module This will force a re-check of modules for this update_status module.
update_status_cron modules/update_status/update_status.module Implementation of hook_cron()
update_status_get_install_status_url modules/update_status/update_status.module Returns a URL containing install statuses for all installed modules on this site.
update_status_menu modules/update_status/update_status.module Implementation of hook_menu
update_status_perform_check modules/update_status/update_status.module This function actually performs the update status check with
update_status_status modules/update_status/update_status.module Implementation of hook_status.
user_check_password includes/ Check whether a plain text password matches a stored hashed password.
user_display_student_users modules/user/user.module Similar to user_display_users, except only for student users.
user_display_users modules/user/user.module Display our list of faculty/staff users in the system.
user_edit_student_user_form modules/user/ Let the user edit a studentuser's information.
user_edit_student_user_form_submit modules/user/ Submit handler for editing student users.
user_edit_student_user_form_validate modules/user/ Validate handler for editing student users.
user_edit_user_advisees_form modules/user/user.module This form lets us populate the advisor_student table
user_edit_user_advisees_form_submit modules/user/user.module Save to the advisor_student table
user_edit_user_advisees_form_validate modules/user/user.module Check to see if we entered a CWID which doesn't exist in students table.
user_edit_user_form modules/user/user.module Let the user edit a user's roles and other information.
user_edit_user_form_submit modules/user/user.module Submit handler for our edit faculty form
user_edit_user_form_validate modules/user/user.module Validate handler for editing faculty users.
user_get_role_name modules/user/user.module Simple function to return the human-readable name for a role, by rid.
user_hash_password includes/ Hash a password using a secure hash.