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stats_menu modules/stats/stats.module Implementation of hook_menu
stats_perm modules/stats/stats.module Implementation of hook_perm(). Expects to return an array of permissions recognized by this module.
stats_report_access_stats modules/stats/stats.module This report shows recent activity in FlightPath. It can also be used to see if anyone is "online" in that they would have activity less than 5 minutes old.
stats_report_advisor_use modules/stats/stats.module This report shows which advisors are using FlightPath most often.
stats_report_course_use_summary modules/stats/stats.module This report will display everywhere a particular course is used in FlightPath (groups and degrees)
stats_report_flightpath_use_summary modules/stats/stats.module This report shows common usages in FlightPath by all users.
stats_report_major_counts modules/stats/stats.module This report shows how many students are in each major.
stats_report_student_course_list modules/stats/stats.module This report shows a list of all of a student's courses which FlightPath is aware of.
stats_test modules/stats/stats.module Lets me run a test...
student_search_display_majors_search modules/student_search/student_search.module Display the majors search sub-tab, where we can select a major and see the students assigned to it.
student_search_display_my_advisees modules/student_search/student_search.module Displays this user's advisees, if there are any assigned.
student_search_display_my_majors modules/student_search/student_search.module Displays students belonging to the current user's major code.
student_search_display_search modules/student_search/student_search.module
student_search_get_advanced_search_tips modules/student_search/student_search.module Simply returns the HTML to display the "advanced search tips" collapsible fieldset and instructions.
student_search_menu modules/student_search/student_search.module
student_search_perm modules/student_search/student_search.module Implementation of hook_perm
student_search_query_advisees modules/student_search/student_search.module Accepts the SQL, plus an array of parameters compatible with our PDO set up. ex: $params[":name"] = "Bob" and $sql = " SELECT * where name = :name";
student_search_render_advisees modules/student_search/student_search.module
student_search_render_small_search modules/student_search/student_search.module This is meant to be called directly from the theme template, to draw the small search box in the corner of the screen.
student_search_settings_form modules/student_search/student_search.module This is a system_settings form for configuring our module.
student_search_subtab_switchboard modules/student_search/student_search.module The primary purpose of this function is to decide which "sub tab" function to send the user off to. This is based on whatever their previous selection was.
system_blocks modules/system/system.module
system_block_regions modules/system/system.module Hook block regions.
system_build_element modules/system/system.module Construct an HTML element and return it.
system_check_clean_urls modules/system/system.module This function will attempt to confirm that "clean URLs" is functioning, and allowed on this server.
system_clear_cache modules/system/system.module Implements hook_clear_cache Take care of clearing caches managed by this module
system_confirm_db_updates_form modules/system/system.module Display a confirmation form before we run the db updates (hook_updates)
system_confirm_db_updates_form_submit modules/system/system.module Perform the actual hook_update calls here, send the user to a completed page.
system_cron modules/system/system.module Implementation of hook_cron
system_disable_module modules/system/system.module Handles the disabling of the module in question.
system_display_completed_db_updates modules/system/system.module Once db updates are run, display contents of this page.
system_display_disable_login_page modules/system/system.module
system_display_install_finished_page modules/system/system.module This page is displayed to the user once FlightPath has been installed.
system_display_login_page modules/system/system.module Display the "login" page. This is the default page displayed to the user, at /login, if they have not logged in yet.
system_display_main_page modules/system/system.module Display the "main" tab-page for FlightPath. Displays announcements as well as the Tools menu, and the "special administrative tools" menu.
system_display_status_page modules/system/system.module This page displayes the results of each module's hook_status.
system_enable modules/system/system.install Implementation of hook_enable.
system_enable_module modules/system/system.module Handles the enabling (and possible installation) of module.
system_execute_php_form modules/system/system.module
system_execute_php_form_submit modules/system/system.module
system_flightpath_can_assign_course_to_degree_id modules/system/system.module Implements hook flightpath_can_assign_course_to_degree_id
system_fp_get_student_majors modules/system/system.module Implements hook_fp_get_student_majors.
system_get_available_themes modules/system/system.module Returns back an array (suitable for FAPI) of the available themes in the system.
system_get_exclude_degree_ids_from_appears_in_counts modules/system/system.module Uses the "exclude_majors...." setting, but converts them into an array of degree_ids.
system_get_roles_for_user modules/system/system.module Return an array containing the roles which have been assigned to a specific user.
system_handle_form_submit modules/system/system.module Intercepts form submissions from forms built with the form API.
system_handle_logout modules/system/system.module
system_handle_uninstall_module modules/system/system.module Called from the menu (ie, a URL) this function will uninstall a module.
system_init modules/system/system.module Called on every page load.
system_install modules/system/system.install Implementation of hook_install.